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Shinny Mirror Ultra Slim Soft Case For Iphone 5

Shinny Mirror Ultra Slim Soft Case For Iphone 5

$ 7.49 

This will sell out fast, everyone wants this new case to upgrade their iPhone 5 or to prep for a pre-selfie. So shinny you can see your reflection in the mirror you can check your style or swag right before you take the picture or do your makeup using this case for all your divas out there. This Ultra Slim case comes in black, sliver, gold, and rose gold. This is a ultra soft case which it is flexible and can bend. 

UNDER $10 only a limited amount of time until 12/22/16! Prices will go back up to $22.99


  • Function: Dirt-resistant
  • For Apple iPhone 5 5S 5G SE
  • Weight:Ultra Thin Ultra Light 20g
  • For Iphone 5S TPU Silicone Case + Hybird Armor Lady Phone Cases
  • For Iphone 5S Mirror Case + Crystal Gel Rubber Skin
  • For iPhone SE Capa + Durable Anti-Knock +Scratch-proof


Cool cover! Black looks spectacular the prints are certainly but very beautiful silicone well absorbs shocks, not too increases the size of the phone. I recommend!

-- Asia