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Universal Magnetic Car Holder for iPhone, Cell Phones and GPS

Universal Magnetic Car Holder for iPhone, Cell Phones and GPS

$ 15.99 


This magnetic holder has a strong rotating magnetic ball, which will allow you to spin the phone around 360 spin all around the stand display. You can use this car holder for a tablet wall mount or dashboard car holder stand and support. This is a mobile phone accessory holder for a iPhone, Samsung, or Mobile Phone, GPS holder, Navigator kit, and/or mp4 holder. This stylish holder is slim, portable and is a sticky round magnetic car holder. Flexible with any car and great for answering the phone and sticks well to smooth surfaces.. Great benefits for driving safely and not looking for your lost phone on the ground or under your seat in your car.

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This Magnetic hold comes with a total of 5 pieces and with 1 extra magnetic 3M sticker. 

Material: Stainless steel, Magnetic
Car Holder: Yes

Compatible with Iphone 6, iPhone Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4, Samsung Note 4,  Samsung S6, Samsung Edge S5, Jiayu, HTC, GPS

Note: Pieces are not sold separately.

  • 1 sticker/base( white/black ) with the ball, 
  • 1 magnetic circle ( place this on the ball )
  • 1 black smaller circle ( place this within the magnetic circle)
  • 2 magnetic 3M sticker ( this goes on the back of your phone )

Video Review


1) Tear 3M sticker the stick on back of phone ( has the circle design on the back in black in white)

2) Place other large sticker to white/black semi-circle - base of the magnetic holder within a solid surface in the car, window, mirror, smooth plastic.

3) Place rubber small circle inside the detachable magnetic circle with a hole that is stuck to the metal ball.

4) Phone will sticker (3m) will magnetically to magnetic circle with a hole on the ball